TestSummer Hybrid EMT Course 2024. On-line course content opens on May 26th and ends on August 13, 2024. Mandatory Orientation will be held in-person on Tuesday, May 28th at 9:00 am. In-person classes are mandatory and scheduled every Tuesday until the completion of the course. Grant Money is available.!!!

This site is for information only, registering for the actual course is done once you get your textbook, and create your JB learning account. You will have a card inside the book that you will redeem on JB Learning, then put in the course code that is listed below.

Students must purchase the textbook and Navigate code using the link below. This will serve as enrollment into the course. Once you get the textbook and code you will then log into JB Learning and create your account and access the code inside your your textbook.

AAOS 12th Edition; Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick & Injured.

There is not an enrollment fee, Course fees are stated below.

800.00 is available for grants assistance for everyone in or out of county/Text book and JB Learning Navigate content not included.

1200.00 out of County

975.00 In Sanilac County

Please print the grant form off and complete and bring to the class.

This is a fast paced course that combines both online lecture with in-person Lab/Practical days. There will be quizzes due at the end of each chapter along with module exams. Each student is required to complete 48 hours of Pre-Hospital Clinical time. This course will begin on May 28th . Content is set up on a weekly basis with each chapter exam to be completed by the end of each week. There is a mandatory 48 hrs of clinical days that will be done from 6:00am to 6:00pm

Deadline for enrollment is May 20, 2024. Enrollment is completed via purchasing your education bundle found in the link below.

Online Content will open for review on May 26th 2024.

All Scheduled Lab/Practical days, Midterm and Final exam attendance is mandatory. NO exceptions.

Educaton required prior to start date.

Each student must complete the following courses and provide a copy of the class completion certificate prior to the June 11th begin date:

Human Trafficking: An EMS Call To Action: https://www.train.org/mi-train/course/10795

DOSE: Infant Safe Sleep & The DOSE Program:  https://www.train.org/mi-train/course/1080336/

Pre-Course work for HIPAA, Bloodborn Pathogens etc… will be Completed during orientation.

Text Book and required online Navigate program are not included and must be purchase prior to the start of the class by the student. Please use the following link to obtain the correct materials. Textbook for course: AAOS Emergency Care & Transport of the Sick and Injured, 12th Edition. Once materials are purchased, you will then be enrolled in the course and all correspondence will be done via the email you created on JB Learning. Check your email regularly for course updates and additional information.

Online Ordering Information for EMT 12e print book with Navigate Premier access code:

Course ID:268372 To use once you get into JB Learning.

Here is the direct student ordering link with discount applied:


Cost of the Textbook and Navigate access is $341.96 NOT included in the price of tuition.

Please Note: If you elect to purchase digital access from an alternative vendor, it is critical you acquire the correct ISBN matching the instructor’s Navigate course package ISBN (Premier). If you do not purchase the correct ISBN, you will be unable to enroll in your instructor’s online Navigate course. This is a common and easy mistake, as some third-party vendors may mislabel and/or do not specify the digital access enclosed with the textbook being sold. We cannot accept returns and cannot replace any product or access purchased from third-party vendors. If you purchase anything other than what is required, this may result in you spending more money than is necessary for your classroom materials.


Must be 17 years or older (you can be 17 to take the class and NREMT exam, but will not be eligible for a Michigan EMT license until 18 years).
Must be high school graduate or in your senior year or have a GED
Pass a background check

Candidates are required to submit the following records

Negative 2 step TB test within 1 year or IGRA ( Quantiferon Blood test)
Proof of immunity to MMR & Varicella (Titers required)
Proof of immunity to HepB (Titers required) or signed HepB declination, and any additonal vaccinations that clinical sites require. Example ( COVID 19 and Flu)
Urine Drug screen will be obtained prior to clinical time.
Copy of High School Diploma or GED
Copy of Valid Drivers License.

Candidates will need to complete EMS Tesing Competency exams assinged on the first day of class.

Clinical Days will be scheduled on the Platinum Planner as available.