During these trying times with the Covid 19 pandemic, our Medical Director, Dr. William Starbird (also serving as Sanilac County Medical Examiner) has noticed an increase in deaths within our county that are unrelated to the Covid 19 pandemic. We believe, this may be due to people being afraid to visit their local hospital or even go out to see their Primary Care Physician. Please be assured that all medical facilities within our County have extensive Covid safety measures in place.

SMCA would like to make everyone aware that our county is holding steady with 39 total positive cases and 5 deaths. Currently each positive case is either hospitalized in an out-of-county facility or self quarantined at home with close monitoring from the local Health Department. This number has not changed in many days, so our County has done a fantastic job at flattening the curve!

We know that there are many individuals within our community that suffer from preexisting conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, etc.. Individuals need to be aware that these conditions require close monitoring and evaluation and any change in signs or symptoms should be reported to their doctor.

The message we want to send out to our Sanilac County citizens is this; if you are having a medical emergency, DO NOT hesitate to go to the local emergency room! Finally, if you have a chronic condition, please continue to see your primary care provider so that minor changes in your condition do not become life-threatening emergencies. Thank you and together, we will get through this pandemic!!!

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We provide Pre-hospital Emergency Medical training along with the required continuing education training for Sanilac County’s Emergency Medical Responders (EMS).

Community CPR and First Aid courses are offered the third Saturday of every month. Because of the millage dollars, we offer this course free of charge to all Sanilac County residents.