Refresher – Level 1

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This course is required for all levels of Emergency Medical Personnel.

Refresher Courses for All Levels

Course runs 9 days. The schedule is as follows:

MFR – 16 Hours of Lecture – 5 hours of practical

EMT – 36 Hours of Lecture – 7 hours of practical

AEMT – 42 Hours of Lecture – 10 hours of practical

Medic – 54 Hours of Lecture – 12 hours of practical


Out of County: $50
In Sanilac County: Free

You will be invoiced for the fees if you are out of county.

Course Content

Course Overview
Health & Wellness
Medical Legal and Ethics
Airway Management
Human Body A&P and Patient Assessment - Medical
Patient Assessment - Trauma
Cardiac Emergencies and AED
Poisoning and Overdose
Altered LOC and Diabetic Emergencies
Head, Neck and Spinal immobilization
Bleeding, Shock and soft Tissue Injuries
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